We understand that every company is unique.  Our local recruitment expertise, and trade backgrounds is key to finding you the right candidate to meet your immediate and long-term business goals.

The service we give to you:

  • Knowledgeable consultants – our team consistently recruits successfully because we take time to understand your companies requirements.
  • Regular communication and site visits – we want to make sure our clients remain happy and workers continue to excel once placed.
  • ‘Temp to Perm’ service – means you can trial a candidate for 13 weeks to ensure compatibility before negotiating full time job offers.
  • Peace of mind – if we do not have the right person for the job we will tell you, we will not send you someone unsuitable.

How you get the right people:

  • We take time to understand your business practices and listen to exactly what skills and experience you need us to provide.
  • Our Sugar database system records specific skill sets, references and qualifications for every candidate, so we send you exactly the right person for the job.
  • We advertise for experienced candidates.
  • We personally interview candidates before every placement to ensure they match your requirements exactly.
  • We insist on detailed recent references from all candidates. The reference must relate to the same type of work we are offering.
  • We screen applicants for relevant skills and qualifications. We will not send you someone who is not qualified to do the job.

Why agency staff may be your solution?

We are the ideal solution when your company needs temporary, contract or permanent labour.
Typically our clients use us when they need additional site staff due to:

  • Geographical constraints – our extensive database means we can source workers who live locally to your workplace no matter where it is.
  • Deadlines to meet – we can get the right candidate on site at short notice when you need a push to meet deadlines.
  • Rapid or unexpected growth / Seasonal busy periods – the flexibility to hire and fire with no notice means you can react to changes in your work load without the commitment of employing permanent staff.
  • Holiday cover and sickness – last minute, unexpected sickness can be costly. One call to SMS Personnel and the problem is solved.
  • Time constraints – sometimes there just isn’t time to effectively recruit internally. We source, reference check and interview candidates on your behalf, providing you with a short list of the very best to choose from.

Our focus is on developing and maintaining  strong and honest long term relationships. To do this we are committed to providing you with the right people every time.

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